Mission Report – August 23, 2021

Mission Report – August 23, 2021

Smith Point Sea Rescue editor Jim Bullard reported crews have responded to the following calls for assistance:

July 2: At 4:55pm the United States Coast Guard station in Baltimore received a mayday call from a stranded boater off Judith Sound in the Potomac River. Both the USCG and Smith Point Sea Rescue (Rescue 2 from Olverson’s Marina) responded and located the boater who was towed into Lewisetta Marina. Time on call, 1 hour 

July 3:  At 1:30Pm the captain of a 22’ powerboat reported that he was broken down in the Little Wicomico River. Rescue 3 with a crew of two responded and towed the boat to Smith Point Marina for repairs. Time on call, 1 hour

July 5: At 1:21pm the owner of a 38’ sailing sloop with two aboard reported his engine had died in the Great Wicomico River. Rescue 1 with a crew of four was dispatched from Reedville and towed the sailboat with a broken water pump to the owner’s dock in Tiper Creek. Time on call, 2 hours

July 8: At 1:07pm the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) received a 911 call from a boater in the Great Wicomico. He reported that his batteries had failed on his 24’ cabin cruiser and he needed a tow. Rescue 1 was dispatched from Reedville with a crew of six (training new members) and located the boat with five aboard. The boat was towed to Fairport Marina where the motor was jump started and returned to its slip. Time on call, 2 hours

July 10: At 9:15pm a waterfront homeowner called the NCSO to report a boat was on fire near Point Lookout in the lower Potomac. Rescue 1 was immediately dispatched and joined a USCG vessel and helicopter and a vessel from the Virginia Marine Police in a search operation. After three hours the search was called off when no boat was located or reported missing. Time on call, 4 hours 

July 11: At 11:50am the captain of a 25’ Robalo reported that his engine had failed, and he was adrift about one mile north of the Smith Point Light. Rescue 1 with a crew of 7 (training new members) located the boat with four aboard and towed it to the owner’s dock on the Little Wicomico. Time on call, 2 hours

July 14: At 7:30pm the NCSO reported there was a 24’ Parker that was swamped with water just north of the jetties at the entrance to the Little Wicomico. The people were reported to be on the beach but the boat had been overturned by a powerful thunderstorm. Rescue 1 motored through lightening, thunder, and heavy seas to reach the scene where they discovered that the boat and its occupants were safe and had been returned home. The return trip to the Reedville boathouse was a lightshow of lightening. Time on call, 3 hours

July 18: At 11:30am the captain of a 35’ sailboat reported his engine had quit and he was in the Bay near Buoy 62. Rescue 1 with a crew of four responded from Reedville and towed the boat with three aboard to a marina on Cockrell Creek. Time on call 2 hours

July 21:  At 3:04pm the Sheriff reported there was a 17’ center console with two aboard broken down in the Bay near Smith Point Light. Rescue 1 with a crew of four located the vessel and towed it to Raymond’s Cove on the Little Wicomico. As they approached the captain’s dock, the crew ran out of water depth and the captain was asked to paddle the boat to his dock. Time on call 2 hours

The members of Smith Point Sea Rescue would like to honor the memory of Fred Olverson, owner of Olverson’s Marina, who recently passed. Fred was an enthusiastic promoter of boating and a great friend and supporter of Smith Point Sea Rescue. Rest in peace, dear friend. You are missed.

Smith Point Sea Rescue is a totally volunteer rescue unit which serves boaters from Coles Point to the mouth of the Potomac River, south to the Rappahannock River and across the Bay to the eastern shore.  The organization receives no regular governmental monetary support and depends solely on donations to fund their operations.  

Smith Point Sea Rescue does not charge for its services and can be reached on VHF channel 16 or by calling 911.  Rescue 1 is based in Reedville, Rescue 2 on Lodge Creek near Callao, and Rescue 3 at Smith Point.

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