Deadrise aground Fleeton Bar – Dec 31, 2021

Deadrise aground Fleeton Bar – Dec 31, 2021

1620 (4:20PM) Saturday…..SPSR responds to Sheriff’s call “Sailboat in distress Cockrell Creek.” Resc1700 New Year’s Eve…..SPSR responds to Sheriff’s call “deadrise aground Fleeton Barr” with Rescue I and Rescue A. After much pulling and the parting of the deadrise’s sampson post, fishing crew was offloaded. SPSR team returned AM high tide New Year’s Day for another try…….SPSR “there when needed.”

1000 (10:00 AM)…….New Years Day, SPSR returns to Fleeton Bar with boat’s Captain and frees grounded deadrise, tows to Jenning’s Boatyard for repairs. Really foggy and not a nice morning for boating! Happy New Year to our many boating friends, may 2022 be a safe and happy one. 🇺🇸

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